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Rebecca Louzan, Fractional CMO

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About Onda

Established in 2011, Onda Creative Group is woman-owned and operated. We've impacted almost every industry out there, including biotech, healthcare, AI, technology, media, outdoor, wellness, construction, lifestyle, CPG, food/beverage, sports, entertainment, non-profit, manufacturing, service and more.

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Who We Help

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Small Business + Solopreneurs

Marketing but not seeing results in sales or revenue from your all your efforts?

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Ready to generate profit, be more efficient and establish organizational systems?

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Orgs Needing a

Fractional CMO

Need executive-level marketing + growth leadership for a fraction of the cost?

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+ Small Business

For the solopreneur who is DIY marketing but not seeing actual results. Or the small business who needs marketing help but doesn't want to hire full time marketing staff. Or the medium-sized business who is growing like crazy but needs strategy and systems to keep it all sane. We make larger impact in less time for small-and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

The GROW Program

Transform your marketing efforts into real revenue. It's not magic. It's a science and an art that requires marketing, sales and operational knowledge ... and a little grit. We can show you how.

Onda offers a distinct program to help solopreneurs and small/medium business owners quickly increase revenue by tuning their marketing efforts to convert to sales. Most clients only need to work with us for three months to begin experiencing game-changing results.

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Strategy + Roadmap

We'll begin with a strategy for your growth + revenue goals

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Email, Web, Social

Then we'll quickly create your personalized marketing plan

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Sales Conversion

And we'll use proven methods to create actual sales + revenue

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Team Brainstorming


The Agency Alternative for Startups

We believe the traditional agency model is poor use of a Startup company’s financial investment. Building brands is not a one-size-fits all business. That's why Onda operates on a radically new model: we blend strategic oversight with the agility of seasoned, talented and on-demand freelance talent.

Branding + Marketing for Startups

We're marketing unicorns with technical strategy chops. And we love small business and startups. From content strategy to email marketing. From video production to developing sales teams. We have the exact skillsets you need to grow, with a custom-fit size.

Onda gathers and guides top-tier, efficient teams of experts from the creative sector to cater to the needs of your brand. Unlike the traditional agency model, our structure helps you evade overcharged services, poor talent resources, or being prisoner to unnecessarily prolonged contracts.

Our agency arm is a scaleable, end-to-end creative and production collective with a purpose-driven mission. We offer award-winning full stack digital marketing, creative + branding services, video + content production, 360-degree strategy, and event and experience production. We are your one stop shop for all marketing + sales needs.

The Agency Alternative


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Brand + Revenue Strategy

Brand + Product Positioning, Competitive Landscape, SWOT Analysis, Market Analysis, Target Audience, UX Research, User Journey, Focus Groups, Surveys, Pricing + Revenue Innovation, KPI's

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Core Identity, Mission + Values, Tone, Voice, Personality, Key Messaging, Brand Identity, Brand Visuals, Logo Design, Color Palette, Typography, Key Imagery, Graphic Elements, Product Photography



+ Content

Web Design, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Social Media, Ad Design, Events, Tradeshows, Print, OOH, Podcast, Thought Leadership, PR, Video Production, CGI/Animation


Fractional CMO

Founder of Onda Creative Group, Rebecca Louzan brings over 15 years of corporate marketing, sales and operational leadership with national small and medium-sized businesses. She drives results and focuses on collaborative solutions to solve big business challenges. Rebecca offers a 360-degree background in growth strategy, fiscal + profit responsibility, operational management, marketing, sales and business development.

She’s worked across nearly every industry including outdoor, sports, active lifestyle, wellness, agency, biotech, healthcare, music + entertainment and CPG. Rebecca founded Onda Creative Group in 2011 as a woman-owned small business, and serves clients nationally and globally. She is available as a Fractional CMO for small and medium-sized businesses looking to generate meaningful growth.

Fractional CMO

How it Works

Leverage Strategic Guidance

Experienced strategy is key to guide the direction of revenue growth through marketing and sales efforts. It is arguably one of the most important needs of SMBs and startups at their most critical stage of growth.

Get Executive-Level Leadership

Upskill your internal marketing talent by leveraging the seasoned leadership of a CMO. As an experienced marketing and sales executive, Rebecca can lead your internal team to become a high-functioning, efficient and strategic marketing team. See Forbes’ perspective.

Maximize Modest Budgets

Investing in a full time CMO may be cost prohibitive for small, medium-sized and startup businesses; quality CMO salaries begin at $160K on the low end for seasoned expertise. The Fractional CMO model allows smaller businesses to maximize their budget for the greatest impact. See Forbes’ perspective.

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What Clients Say

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Small Business Testimonial

"We started working together just two months ago, but my sales have literally doubled. I am beyond thrilled with Rebecca's guidance and expertise. She has also been available for my random and frequent questions, and is always responsive and helpful. And, best of all, she's given me a lot of positive feedback that has provided confidence to dive into an area of my business that I have long been uncomfortable with: converting my marketing efforts to actual sales quickly."

~Lizzy Scully, Founder + CEO Four Corner Guides

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Solopreneur Testimonial

"I am over the moon with my new marketing partner. Rebecca Louzan is a powerhouse. She knows business strategy and development, she knows marketing, and she's the best confidence booster when I start to play small... She made it easy and I am so grateful and relieved. If you need some help with your marketing, I highly recommend her. She holds a special place for small business owners in her big heart, especially those who are just getting started and her rates are very affordable."

~ Julia Yanker, Owner of Life Untethered Coaching

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